Jasper, Canada


From here, the greatest personal expeditions begin.
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Jasper National Park


Canada's largest park in the Rocky Mountains.

Jasper National Park

Dark Sky Preserve


The second largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world.

Dark Sky Preserve

Taste of Jasper


From hearty mountain breakfasts to an elegant alpine dinner for two - friendly pubs to charming cafes, this is creative Rocky Mountain cuisine at it's finest.

Taste of Jasper
01 Jasper, Canada
02 Jasper National Park
03 Dark Sky Preserve
04 Taste of Jasper
Jasper, Canada 52.873386, -117.954294
Athabasca River 52.058853, -118.085569
Medicine Lake 52.854494, -117.757265
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Make memories in the unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Jasper National Park.



Get your ticket to adventure. The largest national park in the Canadian Rockies is waiting.

Your Parks Pass can be used in all Mountain National Parks (Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay, Waterton, Elk Island, Mount Revelstoke, and Glacier).

Bucket list Experiences

Explore a variety of activities for adventurers of all levels.

Summer Activities

Summertime offers endless adventures for all levels.

Summer Experiences

Jasper is your base of adventure this summer.

Winter Activities

Jasper in the wintertime offers endless adventures for all levels.

MaligneLake_HighSpiritsBoatCruise_Pursuit REDUCE.jpg

June 8, 2022 in ,

What to expect from the Maligne Lake Cruise to Jasper's Spirit Island

Maligne Lake is the largest lake inside of Jasper National Park and the valley in which it is nestled was carved out 100’s of millions of years ago by glacial movements that essentially dammed the lake that now flows into the Athabasca River.

jamie_robson_photography_wedding_florist.jpeg jamie_robson_photography_wedding_florist.jpeg

July 8, 2022 in

What your local Jasper wedding florist wants you to know

Florals provide some significant wow factor to weddings. But they're also perishable decor so there's some important things you should know. Local Jasper specialist Elysion Florals is here to help.

leslie_bangamba_lake.jpg leslie_bangamba_lake.jpg

July 8, 2022 in ,

My 3-Day Family Vacation to Jasper National Park

Family travel expert and child safety advocate Leslie Bangamba details her recent trip to Jasper with the little one in tow.

ParksCanada-AthabascaFallsLookingThroughTree-RyanBray-CR-custom.jpg ParksCanada-AthabascaFallsLookingThroughTree-RyanBray-CR-custom.jpg

June 22, 2022 in

Jasper's June Photos of the Month

Here are our top picks from June!

Mount-Edith-Cavell-Ariel Mount-Edith-Cavell-Ariel

June 22, 2022 in

Jasper's July Photos of the Month

Here are our top picks from July!