Season & Climate

Celebrate each of Canada's beautiful seasons in a place that shows them at their best. Any time is a good time in Jasper, and each part of the year presents a variety of unique experiences.

Weather in Jasper

In the mountains, weather can change suddenly and unpredictably. Act like a local and be prepared for a variety of conditions.


Spring comes to the valley bottom in April and reaches the high country by June. It brings wildflowers and gushing rivers, which make it the ideal time for rafting.


Summer days are temperate and long, with the sun setting late and rising early. July is the warmest month, with temperatures around 22.5°C.


Fall comes in September and October, bringing beautiful autumn colours, clear skies and cooler temperatures. Fall weather conditions are fabulous for hiking, biking, star-gazing, and for those who are tolerant of cooler temperatures, camping.


Winter brings cold, snowy weather that can quickly change to warmer Chinook winds and Alberta sunshine. Winter temperatures vary, but January is usually the coldest month with temperatures rarely rising higher than -8°C.