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Where to find Jasper's art murals (and what to know about them)

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Main image by UpLift! Jasper Mural Festival

The 2023 UpLift! Jasper Mural Festival finishes on May 21, wrapping up three weeks of art, celebration, and community pride. This year, three incredibly talented muralists have turned their spray cans and paint brushes upon the northern Rockies, bringing fresh colour and their unique aesthetics to Jasper. Their murals join the four beautiful pieces created during last year's inaugural UpLift! mural festival.

Here's how to find these amazing creations around town. Learn more about the pieces and the artists who made them below.

Note: when sharing images of the murals online, please always include credit to the artists.

uplift mural map screenshot

Uplift! Jasper Mural Festival

1 bb iskwew Mural

Kayla Bellerose (aka bb iskwew) is a Cree-Métis artist originally from Slave Lake, AB in Treaty 8 territory, with family ties to Bigstone Cree Nation and Sawridge Cree Nation. Her mural style is rooted in stories, teachings and knowledge shared by her elders; she calls it virtual medicine. The Jasper mural she created in honour of her grandmother is awash in a powerful purple, a colour associated with kokums (grandmothers) in Cree culture, as well as native plants to the region.

Where to find the mural: The south-facing wall of the Old Fire Hall (414 Patricia St.)

2 Alex Kwong Mural

When Calgary-based artist Alex Kwong first visited Jasper in search of inspiration for his mural, he was struck by one particular house. In the centre of downtown Jasper, between a health food store and a pastry shop, sits a small white house. Della Sens has lived there for 77 years. Struck by her story, Kwong decided to paint Della having tea, as she often does on her porch while waving to passersby. Kwong's photorealistic portraits aim to share the stories of people and places.

Where to find the mural: The south side of the alley behind Clocktower Mall (622 Connaught Dr.). About a minute's walk south of Keenan Sillence's mural.

3 Ola Volo Mural

This Canadian mural artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan has a distinctive style drawn from folklore, multiculturalism and identity. Her intricate works bring animals, people, architecture and nature together to tell diverse stories rich with symbolism and elaborate forms.

Where to find the mural: The Tennis Court Wall (305 Bonhomme St – Municipal Building wall part of the Jasper Activity Centre).

4 FLUKE Mural

Fluke Jasper Mural

Mural by FLUKE. Photo: UpLift! Jasper Mural Festival.

FLUKE's headlining mural for UpLift! Jasper Mural Festival 2022 is a panoramic celebration of the national park. Ribbons of colour lead the eye around the piece, which features a train (a crucial part of Jasper's history), a diving eagle, northern lights, butting rams and a rainbow trout. The explosion of colour and contrast fills the 77 foot wall and pays homage to FLUKE's roots

"FLUKE is a Canadian supernova in the international mural scene, and his mural for UpLift! 2022 is a galactic masterpiece of abstract surrealism," said UpLift! organizers Logan Ireland and Oliver Andrew.

Where to find the mural: On the side wall of Andromeda Coffee and SnowDome Coffee Bar at 607 Patricia Street.

5 Kalum Teke Dan Mural

Kalum Teke Dan is a Blackfoot artist from the Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta, Treaty 7. Kalum's mural is painted entirely by brush, as opposed to using spray paint. His technique allows him to get pristinely defined lines, bringing the wings of the eagle and the headdress of the chief into their full glory. Kalum calls the piece for UpLift! Jasper 2022 'Sacred Fire'.

UpLift! organizers explain: with 3 eagles of various ages, and one chief in makeup and dress typical of Kalum's blood tribe roots, Sacred Fire is a representation of Kalum's journey as an indigenous artist in a modern society. Kalum persevered through challenges in his life, and now finds himself soaring.

Where to find the mural: On the rooftop patio of Jasper Pizza Place. Also visible from down the street on Connaught Drive.

6 Keenan Sillence Mural

A local Jasperite born in the Rocky Mountains, Keenan Sillence was UpLift! Jasper Mural Festival 2022's homegrown hero. This mural feels like a hidden gem, tucked in the alley between Patricia St. and Connaught Dr. This mural also stands out as the only one from the 2022 festival that goes across multiple surfaces instead of a single flat wall.

Keenan's mural draws inspiration from Studio Ghibli's 'Princess Mononoke,' a Japanese animation classic that delivers an exceptionally poignant message relevant to Keenan's heritage and hometown.

Where to find the mural: In the loading bay behind Ransom Clothing store. Coordinates are 52°52'32.0"N 118°04'51.5"W

five eight jasper mural

Mural by FIVE EIGHT. Photo: UpLift! Jasper Mural Festival.


FIVE EIGHT's UpLift! 2022 mural is glitchy, green, and gorgeous, with splashes of blue, yellow and orange. The artist took a photo of his girlfriend while the room was lit with a green bulb and a neon sign of the Montreal metro map, which he made himself. Can you see the reflection of the Montreal metro lines in the lady's eyes?

After taking the photo, FIVE edited the image to the fun and funky iteration you see in the mural. When asked what motivated him to design this particular piece, FIVE responded that he aimed to present himself with an extremely technical challenge, and an opportunity to showcase his skill to the world.

Where to find the mural: On the west wall of Bear's Paw Bakery (4 Pyramid Lake Rd).