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How to recreate the Bachelor dates in Jasper, Canada

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

The mountain town of Jasper and the national park that shares its name are the perfect settings for romance. This was proved in Season 28 of ABC's hit reality show "The Bachelor."

The episode opens with sweeping views of Jasper’s mountains. The women witness a rainbow and one of them says “I’ve never experienced a place like this in my life.” Later, we see the northern lights blaze across the night sky.

The bachelor continued falling in love while in Jasper (or was it with Jasper?). Replicate the magical moments he had with the six women who joined him in the mountain town with the guide below.

Horseback riding

The first date of the episode began with an invitation: “Let’s ride off into the sunset together.” Two trusty steeds, Thunder and Elly, took the duo along Jasper’s trails and to a scenic ridge overlooking the Athabasca River and surrounding mountains.

Jasper Riding Stables has two locations in the national park. The Bachelor date set out from the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge stables, but to navigate the trails on the Pyramid Bench, the Pyramid Lake Stables are also beautiful with a more extensive stable system.

Horseback Riding - Jasper Riding Stables

Romantic Dinner

Jasper has many dreamy spots to eat, and during the episode the bachelor visited Papa George’s Restaurant. Owned since 1925 by four generations of a local family, this friendly spot serves cuisine featuring authentic Alberta proteins like wild boar, elk, venison and bison. Wine connoisseurs can select their vintage of choice from the custom designed walk-in wine cellar, and recent renovations are bringing the kitchen to a whole new level.

The decor is Rocky Mountain modern with a touch of Tuscan stylings, and a gorgeous central fireplace (built with local rock that can also be found in houses around town) adds to the relaxing feel. In the summer, it boasts one of the best patios in town.

Find other amazing and atmospheric spots to eat in Jasper here.

harvest food and drink

Ice Skating

The bachelor finished off his first one-on-one date with a skate at the Jasper Arena Skating Rink. But if you want the unique experience of skating on a glacier-fed frozen lake, the two best skating spots are on Pyramid Lake and Mildred Lake. At each of these scenic locations, you'll find rental options, groomed ice, and restaurants nearby to get a mug of hot cocoa. Learn more about skating in Jasper here.


The Group Date

During a group date, saw the girls undergoing a series of "Lumber-Jill" challenges. While this wouldn't be customary for most visitors to a national park (though the plaid outfits will definitely have you looking like a Jasperite) you can get the next best thing by camping. There are multiple campgrounds scattered throughout the national park, and the provided firewood can make for a cozy fire that any couple would approve of.

Camping  - Parks Canada / Ben Morin

Polar Plunge

On his second one-on-one date of the episode, the bachelor, did some shopping in the town of Jasper, followed by playing pool at the Whistle Stop Pub. While there, the couple crossed paths with a Jasper local who told them about the Jasper Polar Plunge, an event that was going on that day wherein a group of people were planning to jump into the glacier-fed waters of Lac Beauvert. The polar plunge event generally happens during the Jasper in January festival, but for those who prefer their dips to be less bracing, summertime swimmers should know about the top three beaches in Jasper.

After the plunge, the couple enjoyed some time together in a wood-fired sauna next to the lake. Other wellness options are the Spa at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, where a full and diverse treatment list awaits.


Fireplace cuddling

Throughout the episode, the cast are repeatedly seen cuddling up next to a roaring fire. Call it caveman instinct, call it hygge, call it whatever you want, but can we all agree there’s something uniquely special about relaxing next to a cozy fire? And in the winter, that flickering flame seems to be extra mesmerizing. Luckily Jasper’s longstanding cabin culture has helped establish many gorgeous fireplaces around the town and beyond.

Cabin 2

Other spots seen in the episode:

  • Pyramid Island: With its iconic bridge and multitude of activities, this Jasper landmark is a popular spot for weddings, canoeing, hiking, and more.
  • Tennis courts: At the beginning of the episode, the bachelor is seen playing tennis with a mural in the background. Created by a Canadian mural artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan, this piece is part of the Jasper Mural Tour. The UpLift Mural Festival occurs every spring.
  • Northern Lights: Jasper National Park is a Dark Sky Preserve. The Jasper Dark Sky Festival happens every October.
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