Jasper in January


Jan 12 - Jan 28 | 2024

Celebrate the season with everything that makes
our frostiest months also our most memorable.

Jasper in January

Welcome to the lighter side of winter.

For decades, Jasper in January has delivered joyful mountain culture and good times in any weather. Warm your toes and your heart at this playful festival with the help of your favourite winter activities!


Skiing! Sleigh rides! Dog sledding, and more! Celebrate the lighter side of winter with glowing decorations and après options throughout town and many adventures beyond it.

Toque up for Jasper in January

Toque Up for Jasper in January

Celebrate the season and help showcase Jasper in January's community spirit by wearing an iconic symbol of Canadian winters: the toque! Tourism Jasper encourages businesses, staff, visitors and locals to dress up for Jasper's frostiest festival in their favourite toque, pom-pom optional. Whether you're inside, outside, at the hill, or on the clock, let's make the toque a Jasper winter uniform.

Winter Experiences

When Jasper snow comes to stay, Jasperites say, ‘time to play!’ Winter in the national park is nothing short of magical. Discover the many amazing and unique activities that will make this your new favourite season.

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10 awesome outdoor activities to try during Jasper in January

Take it into the great outdoors with these fun and fascinating activities. Return to your cabin with a full heart, rosy cheeks and pleasantly spent limbs.

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