Jasper in January Restaurant Events & Specials

Jasper Restaurants Jinj.jpg

Check out the Jasper in January 2024 food and beverage specials below. Stay tuned in December 2024 for Jasper in January 2025 specials.

Poutine Showdown

We are looking to award 'Jasper's Top Poutine'. Restaurants around town will create their unique, tastiest, or craziest poutine.

Après Specials

Take part in a time-honoured mountain-town tradition! After hours of skiing (or other outdoor adventure) nothing feels better than warming up and refueling at a local watering hole to rehash the day's highlights and unwind.

Tastier Side of Winter

Indulge your taste buds with these exclusive menus, unique dishes, and irresistible specials. These festival long specials will highlight the tastier side of winter!

Culinary Programs