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11 women in Jasper who inspire us

Jasper has always been a place for trailblazers. In the early 20th century, explorer Mary Schäffer became the first European to visit Maligne Lake, and used her skills as a naturalist, illustrator, photographer, and writer to document the region. Today, women continue to leave their mark and bring life to the national park.


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My winter weekend adventure in Jasper

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My father-sons getaway during Jasper in January

Jasper in January Street Party Jasper in January Street Party

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Best things to do during Jasper in January Festival (weekend three)

Soak up the last of Jasper’s annual winter celebration with live music, amazing food, and snowy adventures.

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10 awesome outdoor activities to try during Jasper in January

Take it into the great outdoors with these fun and fascinating activities. Return to your cabin with a full heart, rosy cheeks and pleasantly spent limbs.

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Rediscover Jasper in January, now lighter and brighter than ever

Get ready to celebrate the best that winter has to offer. For three decades, Jasper in January has been the nexus of joyful mountain culture and having good times in any weather. This year, we invite you to rediscover this playful festival with the help of your favourite seasonal activities, now featuring some fresh new twists.

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Don’t miss these great Jasper Shopping deals

If there’s one thing that can rival our love for the mountains, it’s our love of snagging a great deal. Conveniently, the Jasper Moonlight Madness shopping event is happening November 25-27. Whether you're preparing for upcoming winter adventures, stocking your holiday gift stash or just want to revel in local retail, there is something for everyone this year.

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What your local Jasper wedding florist wants you to know

Florals provide some significant wow factor to weddings. But they're also perishable decor so there's some important things you should know. Local Jasper specialist Elysion Florals is here to help.

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What size of wedding can you have in Jasper?

Jasper, Alberta is the perfect place to have a wedding. With its abundant venue options, Jasper is a place that keeps the drama of your big day where it belongs: in the landscape, not the logistics.

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