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11 women in Jasper who inspire us

Jasper has always been a place for trailblazers. In the early 20th century, explorer Mary Schäffer became the first European to visit Maligne Lake, and used her skills as a naturalist, illustrator, photographer, and writer to document the region. Today, women continue to leave their mark and bring life to the national park.


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My winter weekend adventure in Jasper

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My father-sons getaway during Jasper in January

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New events: the Jasper Beer & Spirits Festival

The Jasper Beer & Spirits Festival, hosted at the world-renowned Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, is unlike any beer festival experience in the world. Think of it as part beer/spirit festival, part intriguing story-time seminars, and part wilderness adventure.

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Signature events at Jasper in January

Of all the fun things to do during Jasper’s renowned winter festival, these are the ones that you should definitely add to your calendar. From drool-worthy comfort food to iconic Canadian activities to deals that your post-holiday wallet will love, here’s 7 absolute must-do's at Jasper in January, happening across three weekends from January 14 to 30.

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New Veterans Appreciation Event in Jasper offers support, deals, activities

For the first two weeks of November, from the first to the fifteenth, Jasper is inviting veterans, their families, and everyone else to take part in the Veterans Appreciation Event. Created to show support for our military veterans, Vet Fest will include events, activities, and dining throughout town, with many deals and discounts.

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Small and special: One couple’s magical COVID-19 friendly wedding in Jasper

Chelsie and Nicole took their time planning their wedding. After a two-year engagement, and with their respective families located in different parts of the country, the couple decided that if people were going to have to travel anyway, why not travel to a beach. They sent out the invitations in December, 2019 for a Mexico wedding scheduled for, well, around the time we’re publishing this story. Then COVID-19 hit, and the world shut down.

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How we’re celebrating 10 years of Jasper’s Dark Sky Preserve

Ten years ago, on March 26, 2011, Jasper National Park became the largest dark sky preserve in the world. In the decade since, the importance of protecting the night sky from light pollution has gained momentum and more dark sky preserves have been designated around the world; Jasper’s now holds the second biggest spot, though is still the largest accessible dark sky preserve (meaning there’s a town within its borders).

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Buy your National Park Pass on and skip the line into Jasper

Buy online, print at home, arrive in Jasper and skip the line to go straight into adventure.

To explore Jasper National Park (and all the rest of Canada’s national parks), visitors must have a National Park Pass. This entry fee goes toward supporting visitor services and facilities, ensuring a healthy and clean destination for everyone who wishes to explore these natural wonderlands.

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