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11 Reasons Jasper's Dark Sky Preserve Should Top Your Travel Bucket List

As the second largest Dark Sky Preserve in the World, Jasper at night is an experience that simply must be had.

The world is full of wonders that deserve to be seen, felt and of course Instagrammed. But even though we don't want to make any other world wonders feel bad, can we all just quietly agree that the Jasper Dark Sky Preserve should be the priority? Don't believe us? Read on, ye of little faith.

June 27, 2017 in

Guest Post: Night Sky Photography Tips with Jack Fusco

Astrophotographer, Jack Fusco, gives us some tips and tricks for photographing the night sky.

September 20, 2016 in ,

Top 10 Stargazing Spots in Jasper National Park

With 11,000 square kilometers of preserved dark sky, it’s guaranteed that on a clear night there’s a spot to see night sky in all its glory.