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How we’re celebrating 10 years of Jasper’s Dark Sky Preserve

Ten years ago, on March 26, 2011, Jasper National Park became the largest dark sky preserve in the world. In the decade since, the importance of protecting the night sky from light pollution has gained momentum and more dark sky preserves have been designated around the world; Jasper’s now holds the second biggest spot, though is still the largest accessible dark sky preserve (meaning there’s a town within its borders).


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Who’s coming to the Jasper Dark Sky Festival


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Dark Sky Preserves 101

Jad Abumrad-with light bulb (credit Marco Antonio).jpeg Jad Abumrad-with light bulb (credit Marco Antonio).jpeg

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Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad on science, struggles and stars

Jad Abumrad is the host and creator of Radiolab, a public radio program broadcast on 524 stations across the nation and downloaded more than 9 million times a month as a podcast.

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13 highlight events to attend at the Jasper Dark Sky Festival

From October 18 to 27, the town of Jasper sparkles with non-stop dark sky events. From symphonies under the stars to planetarium shows to astrophotography workshops, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival celebrates the art, science and culture surrounding the night sky.

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My life under the stars: Niki Wilson on Jasper's Dark Sky Preserve

As host of the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, science journalist Niki Wilson has extensive knowledge about the protected skies above Jasper National Park. But she also grew up in Jasper, giving her an intimate familiarity with the local celestial wonders. Here, she writes about what those stars mean to her.

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Tips and locations to shoot the stars in Jasper National Park

Professional photographer Jack Fusco shares his tips and locations on shooting the night sky in Jasper National Park.

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Q&A: Dr. Shawna Pandya on the Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Dr. Shawna Pandya is a physician, scientist-astronaut candidate, speaker, martial artist and adventurer. She's also speaking at the 2019 Jasper Dark Sky Festival.

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10 jaw-dropping photos of Jasper's dark sky preserve

Well now Jasper's Dark Sky Preserve is just being a show-off.

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