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This tour is the perfect Canadian canoe experience

Canoeing is to Canada what cheese curds are to fries and gravy. This tour from Wild Current Outfitters gives you the signature experience that's perfect for both canoe novices and experts.


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7 tips for traveling with children

Jasper in January Winter Wonderland Photo Tour.

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Best Photos of Winter in Jasper, Alberta

Fairmont-Golf Course - Roth and Ramburg / Travel Alberta Fairmont-Golf Course - Roth and Ramburg / Travel Alberta

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7 ways to spend a day at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

This iconic Great Canadian Lodge is more than just an opulent place to lay your head at night — it’s an experience that creates lasting memories surrounded by nature and wildlife. And this year is the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge's centennial.

MarmotBasin_Snowboarder.jpg MarmotBasin_Snowboarder.jpg

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Jasper's Top Photos of 2021

Here are our top photo picks from the year 2021!

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Is a Wildlife Tour worth it? Photographer Seth Macey shares his Jasper experience.

Whether you’re a photographer or someone simply looking to increase your likelihood of spotting a variety of Jasper’s abundant wildlife, a Jasper wildlife tour is a must do. As a professional wildlife photographer, I wanted to share my experience with everyone thinking about booking a tour.

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Jasper's November Photos of the Month

Here are our top picks from November!

Fall Fall

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Jasper's October Photos of the Month

Here are our top picks from October!

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What to do in Jasper in November

Dive into November with these must-do's.

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