This tour is the perfect Canadian canoe experience

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This tour is the perfect Canadian canoe experience

Canoeing is to Canada what cheese curds are to fries and gravy. This tour from Wild Current Outfitters gives you the signature experience that's perfect for both canoe novices and experts.

What to do in Jasper in May

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What to do in Jasper in May

7 memorable ways to spend Mother’s Day In Jasper

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7 memorable ways to spend Mother’s Day In Jasper

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What you need to know about bear safety in Jasper National Park

As the biggest national park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is famous for its wildlife. Bears in particular get a lot of attention, and it’s no wonder. Both black bears and grizzly bears live in the region and they’re impressive creatures to see. But they’re also wild. 

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5 reasons to go spring skiing at Jasper’s Marmot Basin

Think skiing is just a winter sport? Think again! Get the best of both worlds with spring skiing, when fluffy snow meets warmer temperatures.

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5 keys to an unforgettable spring break in Jasper

Escape the classroom and head outdoors to celebrate warming temperatures and venture beyond.

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Top 5 Jasper photos of 2020

When it comes to finding moments of beauty, the mountains never disappoint. Even in 2020.

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Buy your National Park Pass on and skip the line into Jasper

Buy online, print at home, arrive in Jasper and skip the line to go straight into adventure.

To explore Jasper National Park (and all the rest of Canada’s national parks), visitors must have a National Park Pass. This entry fee goes toward supporting visitor services and facilities, ensuring a healthy and clean destination for everyone who wishes to explore these natural wonderlands.

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7 things to do at the Jasper SkyTram

Hiking to the alpine takes a lot of effort. The Jasper SkyTram makes it much easier to gain a jaw-dropping bird’s-eye-view of the national park from above the treeline. But there’s more to do up there than simply stand in awe; here’s a taste of what’s on offer.

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