How to Ethically Photograph Wildlife in Jasper National Park

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How to Ethically Photograph Wildlife in Jasper National Park

It seems that every day more stunning images of wildlife circulate on social media, garnering tremendous praise and recognition for the photographers. Against this backdrop of constantly refreshed newsfeeds, it's not surprising that many are tempted to go to extreme lengths to “get the shot” and stand out. But it’s important for photographers of all skill levels to understand the difference between ethical and unethical wildlife photography practices. Otherwise we risk threatening the existence of our animal subjects.

What makes Jasper one of the best destinations for LGBTQ travellers

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What makes Jasper one of the best destinations for LGBTQ travellers

Jasper's March Photos of the Month

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Jasper's March Photos of the Month

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10 Top Valentine’s plans in Jasper National Park

In a year where you might be spending way more time with your significant other than usual, coming up with new ways to inject romance into the same old routine can feel tricky. So we’ve done the work for you. Pick and choose from the below activities for a unique, romantic getaway in the mountains.

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Jasper's January Photos of the Month

Here are our top picks from January!

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An Ideal Four Day Jasper Itinerary

Jasper National Park is stunning all year round, but in my opinion, winter is really when it is most special. The summer crowds have departed, the mountains are snow-capped, and the lakes and waterfalls are now a beautiful blue ice spectacle. There is plenty to do in Jasper during this time as well, and there is truly nothing cozier than cuddling up next to the fire in one of the cabins around town. Here's exactly how we spent four marvelous winter days in Jasper, and how to make the most out of your time here!

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Top 5 Jasper photos of 2020

When it comes to finding moments of beauty, the mountains never disappoint. Even in 2020.

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Buy your National Park Pass on and skip the line into Jasper

Buy online, print at home, arrive in Jasper and skip the line to go straight into adventure.

To explore Jasper National Park (and all the rest of Canada’s national parks), visitors must have a National Park Pass. This entry fee goes toward supporting visitor services and facilities, ensuring a healthy and clean destination for everyone who wishes to explore these natural wonderlands.

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Virtual events during Jasper in January

Stay safe while celebrating the spirit of winter with these virtual events and activities.

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