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7 tips for traveling with children

An active kid is a happy kid, and Jasper’s got no shortage of kid-friendly activities. Create memories that will last a lifetime and rejoice in the fuss-free bedtimes that full days outdoors can bring. Fair warning: once here, your family may never want to leave.

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What to do in Jasper in April


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My winter weekend adventure in Jasper

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10 family friendly ways to enjoy winter in the mountains

Some of our best childhood memories are from family vacations to the great outdoors. Maybe it’s due to the excitement of exploring a new place, or maybe it’s thanks to the health benefits of being active outside, or maybe it was just the simple joy of spending quality time together with our nearest and dearest.

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What to do in Jasper in February

February can feel long. Make the best of this wintry time with this list of must-do's.

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The 8 best fireplaces to achieve peak coziness

Call it caveman instinct, call it hygge, call it whatever you want, but can we all agree that there’s something uniquely special about relaxing next to a cozy fire? And in the winter, that flickering flame seems to be extra mesmerizing. Luckily Jasper’s longstanding cabin culture has helped establish many gorgeous fireplaces around the town and beyond.

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My father-sons getaway during Jasper in January

Freelance journalist Andrew Penner shares his experience in Jasper. Their trip includes the Jasper in January festival, fat biking, ice climbing, and plenty more father-son memory-making.

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Wear a toque for Jasper in January

Bring, borrow or buy a toque to wear for Jasper’s frostiest festival.

Poutine Contest Jasper in January Poutine Contest Jasper in January

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Best food to eat during Jasper in January

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