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10 Classic Canadian Pastimes to Try in Jasper

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle
Main image by Mike Seehagel

What are Canadians obsessed with, other than being friendly? How do they spend their time? In truth, this wonderful country is marvelously diverse and so there’s really no way to perfectly capture all the amazing activities that Canadians love to do. But the following ten options – all available in Jasper National Park – are a good place to start.

Old Fort Point Hike - Credit: Parks Canada/ Ryan Bray

1 Hiking

With so much wilderness at their disposal, Canadians love to get out into nature. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s also one of the best ways to see the truly amazingly diverse scenery this country has to offer. Get exploring on one of Jasper’s thousands upon thousands of trails.

Alpine Village - Travel Alberta

2 Cabins

Quintessentially Canadian and oh-so-cozy, Jasper’s love for cabin living is inextricably entwined with the national park’s history and is continually evolving via modern accommodations. Here’s 11 unique cabins to rent in the national park. Note: most of the cabin properties in the park open during the May long weekend, but there are some year-round options if you're ready to visit earlier than that.


3 Eating

Poutine, game meats, and anything maple. The cuisine in Jasper is varied and delicious, with everything from wilderness smokehouses to charming cafes to mountaintop restaurants.

Canoe - Wild Current Outfitters

4 Canoeing

Find peace with a paddle via this classic Canadian watersport! From the middle of a turquoise glacial lake, there’s nothing to block your view of the mountains.

Jasper Brewing Co. - Credit: Travel Alberta/ Mike Seehagel

5 Beer

From lagers to pale ales to stouts, Canadians love their beer. Taste a variety of craft beers that are made using real glacier water at the first brewery to set up shop in a national park.

Warrior Women

6 Indigenous culture

Learn from Canada’s first inhabitants. Enjoy drumming, singing and interactive storytelling from a local Indigenous Knowledge Keeper via the Fireside Chat experience offered by Warrior Women.


Simone Heinrich Photography

7 Wildlife

Moose is the obvious go-to here, but there’s plenty of other Canadian animals that call Jasper home. Give yourself the best chances of spotting one with a wildlife tour.

Night Photography.jpg Mike Gere listing

Mike Gere Photography

8 Stargazing

With all of the wide-open space in this country, Canadians have a better chance of seeing spectacular nighttime displays than many other parts of the world. Experience Jasper’s designated Dark Sky Preserve rain or shine with the Jasper Planetarium.

Mountain Galleries

9 Art

This commercial fine art gallery displays the work of some of Canada’s greatest painters and sculptors. Drop by to just peruse and soak in the culture, or purchase a piece to add a beautiful bit of Canada to your home.

Spirit-Island Jasper Yellowhead Museum Archives

10 History

Learn a piece of Canada’s history at the Jasper Yellowhead Museum & Archives. The permanent Historical Gallery includes exhibits on the fur trade, the railway, and early exploration and tourism in Jasper National Park.