Jasper Dark Sky Preserve

In 2011, Jasper was designated as a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society in Canada, due to its limited light pollution that creates ideal conditions for dark sky viewing.

What is a Dark Sky Preserve?

According to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, a Dark Sky Preserve as an area in which no artificial lighting is visible, and active measures are in place to educate and promote the reduction of light pollution to the public and nearby municipalities. Sky glow from beyond the borders of the preserve will be of comparable intensity, or less, to that of natural sky glow.

As a Dark Sky Preserve, Jasper National Park has made a special commitment to protect and preserve the night sky and to reduce or eliminate light pollution in all its forms.

What makes Jasper Dark Sky Preserve different?

Jasper National Park is one of 17 designated Dark Sky Preserves in Canada. We are the second largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world, and we are the largest accessible Dark Sky Preserve - meaning there’s a town within the limits of the preserve.

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Jasper Dark Sky Festival Presented by Rocky Mountaineer

Power down. Look up. Jasper's Dark Sky invites stargazing adventurers to get lost in the wonder of one of the world's largest dark sky preserves. As daylight hours begin to recede, October is the ideal time to celebrate the skies with the annual Jasper Dark Sky Festival, an ever-growing celebration aimed at connecting all ages to our universe and beyond.

Dark Sky - 4 meteors - Credit: Jack Fusco Dark Sky - 4 meteors - Credit: Jack Fusco

September 20, 2016 in ,

Top 10 Stargazing Spots in Jasper National Park

With 11,000 square kilometers of preserved dark sky, it’s guaranteed that on a clear night there’s a spot to see night sky in all its glory.

Pyramid Island Aurora - Jack Fusco Pyramid Island Aurora - Jack Fusco

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Guest Post: Night Sky Photography Tips with Jack Fusco

Astrophotographer, Jack Fusco, gives us some tips and tricks for photographing the night sky.


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