Aug. 24, 2016

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Top 5 Space Episodes

There’s a reason so many kids enjoyed science class in the 90’s—that reason is Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Winner of multiple daytime Emmy awards, Bill Nye’s goofy and educational program encouraged audiences to think about topics ranging from dinosaurs to the atmosphere to the science of music. Bill Nye has covered nearly every scientific theme, but is particularly well-known for his extensive knowledge of space and the universe.

In preparation for Bill Nye’s appearance at to the 2016 Jasper Dark Sky Festival on October 14th and 15th, we’ve decided to dig through all five seasons worth of shows in order to bring you the top 5 Bill Nye space episodes!

1. Outer Space – Season 1 Episode 19

Ever wonder how far away Jupiter is from the earth? Or how long it takes for light to travel? This episode teaches its viewers about the wonders of the solar system and its constellations. You’ll also learn how to make an astro-map and what space camp is like! Tip: Be sure to watch until the end so you can catch the Elvis inspired “Celestial Hotel” musical parody.

2. Space Exploration – Season 5 Episode 2

Delve into the fascinating world of space travel, rocket ships, astronauts and telescopes. Bill teaches his audience about gravity, the amount of fuel required to power a rocket ship and how to properly put on a space suit.

3. Planets and Moons – Season 3 Episode 1

In this episode, learn all about Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and little Pluto! Bill Nye explains the differences between all the planets, and describes how gravity acts as a glue to keep our solar system together.

4. The Moon – Season 1 Episode 11

Did you know that the moon’s illustrious glow is actually the sun reflecting off of moon rocks? This episode explores the moon cycle, the orbit of the moon and the way the moon interacts with the ocean tides. 

5. Comets and Meteors – Season 5 Episode 15

Though Bill Nye briefly talks about comets and meteors in his previous space themed episodes, this particular episode explores the topic in much more detail. Nye discusses the role of the big bang, where to find meteor craters on earth and the difference between an asteroid, meteoroid, a meteor and a meteorite.

The 2016 Jasper Dark Sky Festival is fast approaching, so it’s time to get pumped about space and relive the highlights of everyone’s favourite bow-tied scientist! 

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