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7 Relaxing Ways To Practice Self-care In Jasper

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

From spa visits to firelit cabins, Jasper is the dream escape where visitors can relax and embrace that slow, mountain-town pace.

With their jagged beauty and rugged terrain, the mountains that surround Jasper might not seem at first blush like an ideal setting for rest and repose. But their grandeur is great for more than just heart-pounding adventure: the artistry of nature can take your breath away in gentler ways too.

Reconnect with quiet peace and find serenity within yourself via one of these seven relaxing pastimes.

Ladies in JPL Pool

1 Soak away the stress

Nothing melts stress like submersing it in deliciously warm water. At the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, your extensive wellness itinerary can include the eucalyptus steam room and sauna, a new 20-person outdoor hot tub and heated pool (hello views!) and customized treatments at the Spa. Or, if your self-care includes a workout regimen head over to the state-of-the-art fitness facility. It's no wonder that the spa was rated the #5 spa in Canada and the #1 spa in Alberta.

2 Knead the tension

Whether you want to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation, a therapeutic full body massage from Jasper Wellness or Fairmont Spa will ease both body and mind. Just lay back and let the therapist's hands work their magic.

Couple on Lake Shore

3 Walk toward tranquility

Walking is well known to clear the mind and calm the nerves. Explore Jasper's many trails, ranging in difficulty from flat and paved to winding and wild, either by yourself or with an experienced local guide from Canadian Skyline Adventures, Jasper Hikes and Tours, High Sights Guiding, Starry Summit Mountain Adventures, and Walks & Talks Jasper.

Totem Ski Shop.jpg

4 Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

It's true that money can't buy happiness, but it can buy gear and souvenirs and that's basically the same thing. Stock up on all your outdoorsy goodies and stylish souvenirs at one of Jasper's unique local shops.

Macho Nachos

5 Indulge In Comfort Food

Nothing soothes a shattered nerve like pizza; head to Famoso Pizzeria or Jasper Pizza Place for their mouthwatering cheesy pies. Other local favourites in the comfort food category include bison meatloaf from Evil Dave's Grill, a classic burger from Jasper Brewing Co. or something from one of these other tasty spots.

6 Practice Peaceful Yoga

This self-care option should surprise precisely no one. Dedicated yogis and downward dog novices both should enjoy the drop-in classes at Jasper Wellness, which offers practices for all levels and experiences.

Cabin 1
Cabin 2

7 Recline Fireside In A Cabin

If we could spend every evening cuddled up by the fireplace in a cozy wood cabin, we would not be mad. Jasper's cabin heritage is felt in many of the local accommodations, whether it's through the building's overall structure or in the aesthetic decor. Explore 10 unique cabin rentals here.