Jan. 5, 2017

Say "Cheers!" to Winter

Picture yourself throwing a party with all of your closest friends. You, a gold star entertainer, whip up a few incredible drinks for your guests. You make it look easy.

Photo Credit: Cory Johnn

“This is the best cocktail I’ve ever had!” your friends exclaim. “Where did you learn to do this?”

They’re expecting you to say you watched some video on Youtube, but you’ve got a much cooler answer for them: you learned to mix those crowd-pleasing cocktails firsthand at Jasper in January!

Back by popular demand; join Mike Day of Evil Dave’s Grill on either January 21st or 22nd for Mixology 101!

Photo Credit: Cory Johnn

Photo Credit: Cory Johnn

Photo Credit: Cory Johnn

In this intimate workshop, Mike will teach the class how to mix some of the signature drinks found at his restaurant with his unique flare and fun approach. Yes, you’ll get to sample your creations (so 18+ only, please!)

Space is limited for this incredibly popular event so make sure you book early!

This and other adventures for your appetite are part of Jasper in January.

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