Dec. 19, 2017

7 last minute gift ideas for mountain lovers

With presents this good, your loved ones will never guess that you got them the week before Christmas.


It happens to the best of us. There you are, living your best life and tramping through mountains, and all of a sudden Christmas is a week away and gifts have yet to be purchased. Don’t fret, dear adventurer. We get it, and we’re here to save you.

Sure, you could get your loved ones socks for Christmas (not gonna lie: we get pretty jazzed at the prospect of new merino woolies) but don’t you think your nearest and dearest deserve something a bit more special? Here are some great gift ideas for the mountain lover on your list.

1. For the friend who loves a deal: Marmot Escape Card

For this friend, snagging an amazing discount is almost as fun as hitting the slopes themselves. Help them out with the Marmot Escape Card, which gives the recipient half-off lift tickets all season long. No blackout days, no lines, all happiness. Maybe you could also gently nudge the recipient of your amazing gift to bring you along when they head to the hill. Ski friends ftw.

Image Credit: Adam Greenberg

2. For the gear junkie: New ski equipment from Edge Control

Experiences are fabulous gifts, don’t get us wrong, but there’s something undeniably fun about tearing away wrapping paper to reveal a new toy to play with. And what’s more fun (and healthy!) to play with than new ski gear. True story: a certain staff member of Tourism Jasper recently received this as a gift and believe us, it was very well received.

3. For the pal who could use a little zen: Massage at a Jasper spa

For some, just being in the mountains provides zen aplenty. But a relaxing massage can be pure inner peace (whether it comes after a hike or not). Mountain Wellness Day Spa offers gift certificates (available here) and would be an excellent escape for the stressed friend who, upon opening your gift, would love you forever and ever and ever and ev...

4. For the beer buff: Growler Punch Card from Jasper Brewing Co.

They go by different names—hophead, wort guru, tippler, zythophile—but everyone has one in their life. Maybe you are one! Either way, any beloved beer enthusiast would be lucky to receive a growler punch card from the utterly quaffable Jasper Brewing Co. $30 gets a new growler, plus three refills (each would normally be $22, so this could also work for your deal-loving pal, re: above). Punch cards can be collected in-house or mailed out (but like, going in-house gives the option to test the product, and that’s just being responsible gift-giver.)

Photo Credit: Katherine Speur

Photo Credit: Katherine Speur

5. For the animal aficionado: Dog-sledding with Cold Fire Creek

There’s something so magical about travelling via Canada’s oldest form of transportation. Give the gift of a furry friend by getting your loved one an excursion led by a pack of happy Alaskan huskies. With tour options spanning from an hour to overnight adventures, you’ve got some flexibility for your gift. Whatever one you choose, it’ll be a spectacular experience. Just try to name a better way to visit our mountainous backcountry; we’ll wait.

Image Credit: Don Henson

6. For your partner in romance: Dinner and a Sleigh ride

Nothing says romance like a winter sleigh ride. Charm your love with a half-hour tour of Pyramid Lake with Jasper Riding Stables.  Polish off the evening with a delicious dinner at Evil Dave’s Grill. Eat the Fiendish Falafel with a side of their signature Perfect Storm cocktail and you’ll be feeling positively naughty.

"Cowboy Sushi" Evil Dave's Grill

Image Credit: Jeff Bartlett

7. For your creative cousin: Photography workshop with Jeff Lewis Photography

Does life inspire art, or is it the other way around? Help the creative in your life to get the most out of both with a photo tour and/or workshop in the mountains with Jeff Lewis Photography. Tours range in length and theme, and are focused on capturing the beauty of the Rockies, while advancing your photographic skills with composition coaching and insider knowledge from a true local.

Jeff Lewis Photography

Jeff Lewis Photography

Merry Christmas Adventurers!

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