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Jasper's Top Photos of 2021

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

We get to see a lot of shared images of Jasper, and we have to say: we are constantly astounded by the photographic talent we see from both locals and visitors alike. So we highlight a few of our favourites every month on our website. To have your photos considered, share them on Instagram and include the hashtags #venturebeyond and #myjasper or tag @tourismjasper.

In the past year we've had a lot of stunning picks, but here are the best five that blew us away:

Photo: @jomsdgzman

It was a great year for lovers of the aurora borealis in Jasper! Multiple times throughout the fall and winter nighttime viewers were treated to curtains of light that wove through the mountains. To give yourself the best chance of seeing the northern lights, check out this guide.

Photo: @coleudall

Baby bear season never fails to delight, and 2021 had some real cute moments. This trio was particularly heartwarming. Reminder when viewing wildlife to always keep safe distance; if you're hoping to get a good shot, use a long lens.

Photo: @ritzroams

The bridge that connects Pyramid Island is an iconic viewpoint but it's not often that you see elk strolling along it. Combined with the lovely soft light, this moment received tons of appreciation from our community and deserves its spot on our yearly round-up.

Photo: @sheafriesen

If Pyramid Island is one of the most accessible landmarks within the national park, Spirit Island is one of the harder-to-reach landmarks. Located 14km down Maligne Lake, it can only be accessed in the summer by a long canoe ride, or the this interpretive boat tour.

Photo: @celinafrisson

Sometimes, when we're caught up in the beauty of the national park at ground level, we forget that it's even more stunning from above. A helicopter tour is the only way to get these views, and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Thanks for all celebrating the best and the beautiful within Jasper National Park over the past twelve months! Here's to a light and bright 2022.

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