Oct. 23, 2015

9 Mind-blowing Podcasts about Space and Stargazing

Ready to be inspired?

Here are 9 of our favourite podcasts about space, star gazing and our amazing universe. Sit back, fire up your favourite podcast app, or listen using the links below. These episodes are guaranteed to fire up your sense of wonder and cause you to look up at the night sky.

Radiolab: Looking Up

"Star gazing, it’s hard not to feel small...and lonely. Maybe that’s why it’s so irresistible to look out into all that darkness and see our own reflection staring us back, like Narcissus gazing into the pool. On this episode of Radiolab, we reflect on our romance with, projections upon, and insignificance within space."
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TED Radio Hour: Peering Into Space

"...TED speakers who share an infectious sense of wonder and curiosity about our place in the universe and what lies beyond our skies."
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Radiolab: Is there an Edge to the Heavens?

"Edward Dolnick tells an escape story involving God, humanity, and a huge rewrite of cosmic laws. It began in 1665. A plague hit Cambridge University. All of the students were sent home. One of them is a twenty-something Isaac Newton, who spent his forced summer vacation solving 'the problem of the moon' and explaining why that heavenly rock will never be free."
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Talking Space: Much Ado About the Moon

"On this episode of Talking Space, the team discusses the International Space Station One Year Mission. We also mention that the New Horizons spacecraft is just a little over 90 days away from its destination: Pluto. We then look at the ramifications of an article by Eric Berger of the Houston Chronicle making an assertion that NASA is looking at leveraging the Moon as a true stepping stone to Mars."
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NPR: Take The Long Way Home: Spacefarers' Journey Prolonged By Space Junk

"Three spacefarers heading to the International Space Station this week had to take a detour in order to avoid space debris. Researchers have yet to solve the problem of orbiting junk."
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TED Radio Hour: What does space sound like?

"Sound artist Honor Harger spent the last few years listening to the stars and recording some of the sounds of space."
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Planet Money: Episode 645: How To Stop An Asteroid

"Some smart people say we should be doing more to protect the Earth from asteroids. The technical issues are relatively easy. The economics — figuring out who's going to pay — are much harder."
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TED Radio Hour: Are We Alone in the Universe?

"The SETI Institute's Jill Tarter wants to accelerate our search for cosmic company. Using a growing array of radio telescopes, she and her team listen for patterns that may be a sign of intelligence elsewhere in the universe."
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Radiolab: The (Multi) Universe(s)

"Robert and Brian Greene discuss what's beyond the horizon of our universe, what you might wear in infinite universes with finite pairs of designer shoes, and why the Universe and swiss cheese have more in common than you think."
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