July 10, 2017

5 Advantages to Hiring a Hiking Guide for your Next Jasper Adventure

Whether you’re a solo traveler just getting into hiking, or an experienced backpacker looking for a challenge, Jasper’s hiking guides are here to assist you in navigating the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

One of the best ways to take in the surroundings of Jasper National Park is on foot. As a home to a world-renowned trail system that leads to spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains, pristine lakes, and untouched forests, Jasper offers an adventure for everyone at every level.

Though you may have planned on experiencing Jasper’s trails on your own, here are 5 reasons why including a guide may be the best decision you make this summer:

1. They Pack the Necessities

Forgot your bug spray, bear spray or need an energy boosting snack?

As experienced hikers, guides are well aware of the necessities that travelers tend to leave behind. Whether they forget a band-aid or a backpack, participants can ensure that they’ll be well taken care of when heading out on a guided adventure.

Canadian Skyline Adventures provides a gear list for all travelers participating in one of their overnight backpacking trips. Though you are required to bring a few personal items, they provide the majority of essential equipment, including tents, backpacks, cooking supplies and most importantly – delicious and nutritious food. They ensure healthy, local, organic food whenever possible, and make much of the food they serve from scratch.

Does the idea of carrying your own pack seem daunting?  Canadian Skyline Adventures also offers porter services. For more information, click here.

Think about all the time you typically spend preparing for a hike or overnight trip? Now cut that time in half. Vacation time shouldn’t be spent stressing, let the guides help you out! 

2. They Provide Transportation

Sarah Hatton @iso100_photography

Whether you’re heading on a day hike or a multi-day trip, Jasper’s guided hiking tours make sure that visitors can leave their vehicles in the safety of town.

Jasper Walks and Talks, Canadian Skyline Adventures, Sundog Tours, Maligne Adventures and Rockaboo Mountain Adventures all offer convenient shuttle services on their guided hiking tours.

Don’t plan on bringing a vehicle to Jasper at all?  Check out our blog Without Wheels in the Wild for tips to how to get around car(e) free! 

3. They Have a Wealth of Knowledge on the Area

There’s no need to spend days, weeks or months planning ahead for your epic Jasper backpacking trip!  Choose your guide and pat yourself on the back, you’re now ready to learn all about the regional history, wildlife and geology of the park from a knowledgeable guide (who are usually local, so feel free to ask questions about town too!)

As a lifetime Jasper resident, Paula Beauchamp of Walks and Talks Jasper shares her passion and knowledge of the area on her guided hikes, all while helping guests gain a deeper appreciation for the park.

If there’s a lesser known area of the park that you’re interested in exploring, customized guided trips are also available through Canadian Skyline Adventures!

4. Your Safety is their Priority

It’s hard to be properly prepared when you’re not totally sure what to prepare for. Going on a hike with a professional guide really helps to provide that extra safety net! Plus, remember the saying “there’s safety in numbers"? If you happen to be travelling solo, going on a group hike is always a good idea! 

Jasper’s certified guides have the knowledge and expertise to handle numerous types of situations, including: wildlife encounters, unexpected weather conditions or circumstances requiring first aid.

5. You Can Access More of the Park

Jasper’s hiking guides are certified and specially trained, meaning that they have the ability to take you to parts of the park that are not accessible to everyone.

If you’re looking to explore more daring terrain, Rockaboo Mountain Adventures is prepared to take adventurers beyond the greenery onto ancient glacial ice! Although it’s not forbidden, it is strongly suggested that hikers do not make this trek alone or without proper glacier training to ensure the ability to safely maneuver around crevasses. Along with a trained and knowledgeable guide, they also provide lunch and all technical equipment (like boots and crampons) on their Explore Athabasca Glacier Tour.

The Mount Edith Cavell area, including Cavell Meadows is receiving some TLC on the parking lot, which means visitors require a parking pass. With a maximum of 180 permits available for pick up each day, it may be difficult to snag one. Walks and Talks JasperSundog Tours and Canadian Skyline Adventures have tour passes to Edith Cavell on their guided hikes, so the permit is already taken care of – all that’s left is to take in those spectacular views!  

Heading on a guided hike in Jasper this summer? We want to see your adventures! Take some snapshots and hashtag #MyJasper and #VentureBeyond for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account! Don’t forget to give your guide a shout out too!

For more information on hiking experiences in Jasper, visit: http://www.jasper.travel/hiking/

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