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Why Jasper National Park is the place to visit this summer

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle
Main image by Mike Seehagel/ Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection

The Rocky Mountains are among Canada’s most iconic landscapes. So it’s no wonder that people travel from around the world to come here for vacation. But with global travel restrictions still in place due to Covid-19, it’s the perfect time for everyone to explore their own backyards. Travel between provinces is currently discouraged, so Albertans have a rare opportunity to have their home mountains all to themselves.

Here’s a few reasons to pack up the car and spend your summer holiday in Jasper.

Photo left: Rogier Gruys Photo right: Celina Frisson

1 Secluded location

From its scenic valley within the Rocky Mountains, Jasper has no shortage of space. Explore a pocket of wilderness that’s all yours, without the need to dodge crowds along the way. But remote doesn’t automatically mean hard-to-get-to. Jasper is also an easily drive-able distance from convenient metropolitan hubs, making this national park’s location juuuust right. Make your road trip a success with these trip tips.

2 Unique cabin culture

Quintessentially Canadian and oh-so-cozy, Jasper’s love for cabin living is inextricably entwined with our national park’s history. Cabins are everywhere in Jasper National Park, and continually evolving. But whether you opt for a luxurious chalet on the banks of Lac Beauvert or a cozy home-away-from-home near town, you’re guaranteed to have space to yourself and adventure waiting right outside your door.

3 Stunning picnic spots

Whether you pack your own snacks or order your regular dish to-go from one of Jasper’s delicious restaurants, a meal al fresco is a memorable way to enjoy great food while social distancing. Don’t know about you, but we’re about ready to take a break from our own cooking. These 12 spots are by no means the only places to picnic in the national part, but they’re some of our favourites.

4 Thousands of trails

Since Jasper National Park was established in 1907, its historical trail networks have been expanded and maintained for everyone wanting to experience Jasper’s wilderness. Whether you are strolling along the shores of Maligne Lake or hiking all day in the alpine, the information on this page will help you plan a trip that is right for you.

Photo left: Simone Heinrich Photography

5 Wildlife haven

Other than its mountains, Jasper is probably most famous for its wildlife. The park is home to caribou, elk, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, bears and wolves, as well as a variety of birds and many smaller creatures like marmots and pikas. Although there’s the chance of spotting animals anywhere in the national park, you can increase your chances with this wildlife tour. Help the wildlife stay wild by: never feeding wildlife; staying in your vehicle; giving animals space (100 metres from bears, cougars or wolves; 30 metres from elk, moose, caribou, sheep or goats).

6 Safe hygiene protocols

Alberta’s phased re-opening is now underway, and local businesses have adapted their Covid-19 safety protocols. We encourage everyone to follow recommended guidelines, including to wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; avoid touching your face; keep a “social distance” of two metres from other people; and bring their own hygiene kit with hand sanitizer and mask when visiting. We encourage you to be patient and flexible as we all navigate these unique and evolving circumstances. Remember: some experiences may have changed, but the mountains haven’t. See what businesses are open, guidance on outdoor activities and more here.