Jan. 26, 2018

Terri Clark talks Jasper PJ Party and the power of female friendships

You’re never too old for a fun sleepover with your girls.
Terri Clark says so.

Old T-shirt and boxer shorts. That’s country superstar Terri Clark’s garb of choice when climbing into bed and we’ve gotta admit - that sounds pretty comfy. But whether you relish slipping into a silky nightie or prefer an oversized flann-fit (aka a fully flannel outfit. #newword #yourewelcome) your pajamas will be welcomed under the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s main roof at the PJ Party, happening March 16-18.

Terri Clark will be coming to Jasper as a special guest of the weekend-long, no-boys-allowed PJ Party. And yes, it will be country themed - lean into it and embrace the flann-fit. Along with an intimate concert by the 8 time CCMA “Entertainer of the Year,” the PJ Party package includes: Friday PJ Party welcome reception & dance party, Saturday breakfast & lunch, Saturday gala dinner with Terri Clark, fun & interactive classes, demos and entertainment, Sunday brunch with ceasar bar, welcome gift, meal gratuities, and door prizes. 

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Here, Clark talks about the mountain town that stole her breath away as a child growing up in Calgary, the amazing women in her life that she’d like to bring to the PJ Party, and what attendees can expect from her performance.

What’s been your experience of Jasper?

I’ve been to Jasper several times, and actually had my second wedding at Moraine Lake. I also took the Icefields Drive and it’s just one of the most beautiful places in the world. I was excited when this PJ Party opportunity came along because I’ll get to relive some memories from when I was a kid.

Did you ever have sleepover parties growing up?

I think every girl has experienced slumber parties - that’s what we called them growing up. In fact I still have slumber parties! Although over the years they shifted from playing with dolls and talking about boys, to raiding your parents’ liquor cabinets when they’re not looking. [laughs].

Tell us about the important female friend(s) in your life that you’d like to take to the PJ party.

I’m a bit of an anomaly, because I’m still very close to the girls that I went to junior high with, and we still hang out and talk. I’ve got friends that go back more than 25 years that I still call in my times in need, and vice versa. It’s those friendships where you can just call them up after not talking for awhile and it’s like nothing has changed.

I think that women are special in that way: I think female friendships run really really deep. If you nurture them, they’re unbreakable. There’s a really special bond there that guys don’t always get. Those friendships are a necessity.

What are you favourite PJs?

Oh man, all the guys reading this will be very disappointed. I usually wear some version of an old t-shirt that’s a million sizes too big, with a pair of boxer shorts or plaid pants. I think authentic is the perfect word for it.

What will you be performing?

I’m going to be playing a solo acoustic show, and telling stories about my life. You know, girl talk. About my mom, who had huge faith in me when I was coming to Nashville and the friendships I made along that journey. My first divorce comes up. I’m pretty much an open book for these shows. What I know is that the scenery will be beautiful, the music will be fun.

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