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Dress Right for the Occasion: A Guide to Staying Warm in Jasper this Fall

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Written by Emily Van Tighem

Do what your mother always told you. Dress warm.

While visiting Jasper you are bound to find your way into a great adventure, which is why you need to be dressed for success. Every activity in Jasper National Park comes with at least a little adventure and that also means it comes with the opportunity to get a bit chilly. Mountain weather can change in a flash, so remember to pack smart, be prepared and layer up!

Preparing for your planned activities early is the key to success for an enjoyable day AND night. Proper planning will make sure you stay warm and toasty while you’re in the middle of hiking Maligne Canyon or while you’re at the top of Whistlers Mountain waiting for the next SkyTram to bring you down. Packing smart and wearing enough layers will ensure that you’re not only prepared for any time of day, but also for each snowball Mother Nature wants to throw at you!


  • Thick socks! This will hold the heat next your body and keep your toes warm. Going on a hike? Layer those socks to make sure your feet will stay warm.
  • Boots! Ensure your boots have a water-proof leather or membrane on the surface to keep the cold wet winter away. Think something like Sorels , warm, waterproof, and built for colder weather.
  • Your wool mittens will help you during the day while strolling the town or sipping your latte by the lake. But when enjoying your mountain activities make sure that your gloves have a water-proof membrane such as, “Gore-Tex” , attached to the outer shell.
  • Always pack a cozy knit toque and scarf! (Grandma would be so proud)
  • Have a base layer, mid layer, insulating layer and outer layer. The outer layer can be a lightweight compressible jacket or a light waterproof shell. *If you get too warm, just take a layer or two away!*

Image Credit: Parks Canada


Venturing beyond daytime? Here are some extra tips to keep in mind while dressing for your evening adventures!

  • Layer on those warm thick socks. The weather will be colder and therefore your feet will need a little extra love.
  • Bring extras! Have backup socks, gloves and toque with you. Going off a bit further? An extra jacket and boots won't hurt.
  • Chilly stargazing evenings can call for extra measures when keeping warm. You can help your feet out by insulating the ground you are standing on while looking through the telescope. Check out a RidgeRest to keep your feet a bit warmer!
  • When you cannot feel your hands anymore try out some mitt savers like Grabber Hand Warmers. These pouches emit heat due to a (safe) chemical reaction; they will keep your hands nice and toasty for up to 7 hours.
  • A cool wind can't distract you from observing those crystal clear galaxies from one of the world's largest dark sky preserves! Wear insulated snow pants to protect your legs from brisk air.
  • Don’t forget your favourite long johns!
  • Wear those layers! You bundled up for daytime and now it's cooler - add on some extra layers to make up for the missing sun. Have your base layer, mid layer, insulating layer and insulating outer layer. Depending on the evening, the insulating outer layer might need to be an extreme weather down parka or a synthetic insulated parka.
  • For keeping your neck warm bundle up with a scarf or a neck warmer!
  • Bring a toque with fleece insulation and a water proof outer layer to keep the moisture and cold out. Having ear flaps will keep you stylish and give an extra boost toward keeping your ears warm.

Photo Credit: Jeff Bartlett

Don’t let colder temperatures stop you from going on epic adventures! Whether you want to admire the beautiful fall foliage in September or attend an event at the Jasper Dark Sky Festival in October, fall in Jasper shouldn’t be missed!

For more fall activity ideas, check out our blog post about Jasper in October!

Gear up!

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