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7 Photos That Make us Excited for Autumn in the Mountains

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

Fall is on its way. The leaves are ready to turn. The peaks await their frosting. While it's always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer, these seven images are getting us preeetty excited for autumn.

Well summer, it's been a blast. Really, you've been great. But we both knew this love affair couldn't last. Fall is nearly here (we can feel its refreshing nip in the mornings already) and our woolies are waiting in the wings. But any sadness we might have initially felt when we realized September was around the corner (!!!) was quickly replaced by excitement when we scrolled through the pictures below. Now we're all "new season who dis?"

Autumn adventures 🍂 Photo by: @scottprojectphotography #MyJasper #VentureBeyond

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Name a more iconic symbol of autumn than the leaves changing colour. We'll wait.

A little blanket scarf never hurt nobody.

The transition from summer to winter 🍂❄️ Photo by @briannguyen #MyJasper

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Fall road trips > everything that's not a fall road trip.

Autumn peaks 🍂⛰ Photo by: @tumaskoalu #MyJasper #VentureBeyond

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This is our new religion.

Just kidding THIS is our new religion.

No, this.

Well darn.