Edge Control

What Edge Control offered was revolutionary back in 1978: high quality, professional, overnight ski tune-ups and repairs in a little, unused area of the Astoria Hotel. Until then, Jasper was populated with skiers who slaved over their own equipment for hours or put up with round edges. A couple of thin snow years taught the locals the value of having the pro’s at Edge Control to return their rock-damaged boards to “new-from-the-factory” condition.

For decades Edge Control’s overnight ski-tuning and ski-repair service has kept customers coming back. Business grew; great service brought customers who added demand for equipment and clothing. Expansion had to happen. Now, Edge Control offers high quality, mountain inspired clothing, ski gear, footwear and rentals. Summer or winter, you are well advised to drop into what started from a passion for the outdoors.

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626 Connaught Dr Jasper, AB Canada T0E 1E0