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7 adorable baby animals in Jasper National Park

Sabrina Doyle
1 minute read
Written by Sabrina Doyle

Spring brings many special joys in the national park. Tottering baby wildlife is one of the cutest perks of the season.

See below for a few pictures that had us clutching our chests and whimpering "awwwwwwww!" If you'd like to spot some wildlife in person, you'll get the greatest chances of seeing some of Jasper's famous fauna via one of the daily wildlife tours.

To witness a mountain goats hop-skipping around a cliff face is an impressive sight to behold. To see a baby mountain goat following along and learning the ropes takes things to a new level (literally).

There are few things more adorable than fluffy bear cubs. Just remember to watch from a distance, as mama bear is likely close by and can be very protective (aka dangerous). Brush up on your bear safety knowledge here.

Single file, little goslings! The river is starting to thaw!

Love this dreamy scene for a cute lil mama and baby elk.

Okay one more bear cub can't hurt.

The horns may be tiny, but still best to be avoided. Stay 30 metres (or three bus lengths) away from all hoofed animals in the national park!

Can't forget the classic Canadian moose! Spindly limbs and all.