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Jasper's March Photos of the Month

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

We get to see a lot of shared images of Jasper, and we have to say: we are constantly astounded by the photographic talent we see from both locals and visitors alike. So we highlight a few of our favourites every month on our website. To have your photos considered, share them on Instagram and include the hashtags #venturebeyond and #myjasper or tag @tourismjasper.

Here are our top picks from March:

Remember to keep your distance from Jasper's wild inhabitants, folks! For elks, Parks Canada recommends that people keep 30 metres between them, or about three bus lengths.

Quick, call the 90's; this picture belongs in an episode of the X Files.

Did you know that Marmot Basin is forecasted to be open allll the way until May 2? Don't miss their amazing spring skiing.

It was National Puppy Day on March 23 and tbh we still haven't come down off that high.

Not us adding this photo to our morning routine.

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