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10 Jasper activities that are better in the fall

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

Autumn may be fleeting in the mountains, but it’s spectacular. As the deciduous trees turn golden and the temperatures drop, the national park begins to empty – which is a bit surprising, because it’s a wonderful season. It can sometimes be an unpredictable though – pack layers and be prepared for a surprise snowfall which can sometimes cause the leaves to fall early.

It's worth it though. Here are a few activities that can be a bit extra special in the autumn.

1 Hiking with fewer people

As the summer winds down, Jasper gets a bit quieter. That means that a vast wilderness becomes even more of a solitary activity. Most guided hiking outfitters operate until the end of October.

2 Wildlife tour

Jasper is a haven for wildlife in all seasons, but in the fall the elk have their “rut.” During the autumn breeding season, the male elk in the national park become particularly aggressive. It’s fascinating to watch the bulls lock racks but they can be dangerous, making it extra important to go with wildlife experts.

3 Comfort food

Warming foods become even more appreciated the chillier it gets. Indulge in delicious dishes from Jasper’s top restaurants and find comfort in our mountain comfort food.

4 Mountain biking

With the trails emptier and the leaves littering the trails, fall is the perfect time to go on a guided bike tour with Journey Bike Guides.

5 Canoeing

Explore further while carrying all the warming equipment you need. Don’t have your own canoe? Go on a guided tour with Wild Current Outfitters, which includes home baked treats and hot drinks.

6 Stargazing

Fall brings shorter days, meaning there’s more time to appreciate the world’s second largest dark sky preserve in the world!

7 Photography

Want to get that enviable sunrise shot? In the autumn you won’t have to get up as early in order to snap the perfect shot. Get insider knowledge and photography tips by going on a Photo Tour with a local expert.

8 Jasper SkyTram

Operating daily until October 25, the Jasper SkyTram offers an amazing chance to get high into the alpine and reach a summit before winter closes in for the year.

9 Fireside Chat

Gather around a fire to listen to drumming, singing and storytelling from an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper. This interactive experience is unique and perfect for the fall.

10 Sightseeing

Many of Jasper’s most iconic viewpoints take on a different tone in the autumn. Whether you go on a sightseeing or motorcycle tour or explore on your own, you’ll be able to enjoy famous spots like Maligne Canyon, Pyramid Island, Athabasca Falls without having to navigate crowded situation.