Spring Events Round-Up 2017

Jasper, Canada (May 25, 2017)

This spring, Jasper locals and visitors alike celebrated the Jasper Pride Festival and the Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon.

Jasper Pride Festival: March 9-12, 2017

What started as a grassroots movement nine years ago has since evolved into a renowned celebration of diversity and love. This year, along with enjoying LGBTQA-themed entertainment, visitors also experienced all the natural winter wonders that make Jasper one of Canada’s premier Rocky Mountain destinations. Hosted by the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, the 2017 Jasper Pride Gala hosted over 700 participants, and is anticipating continued steady growth in upcoming years.

The 2018 Jasper Pride Festival will run from April 19-22, 2018. 

For more information about the Jasper Pride Festival, check out http://jasperpride.ca/

Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon: April 8, 2017

The Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon celebrated its second annual event this year and welcomed increased participation year compared to its inaugural year in 2016. With 949 registrants, a total of $8,541.00 was raised for the Jasper Healthcare Foundation.  

Half marathon date for 2018 is Saturday, April 7.

For more information about the Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon, check out http://www.jaspercanadianrockieshalf.ca/