Keep on Rolling! Jasper Dark Sky Festival Welcomes Back Rocky Mountaineer as Presenting Sponsor

Rocky Mountaineer & Subaru to sponsor 7th annual Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Jasper, Canada (August 1, 2017)        

Once again, the world’s largest privately-owned luxury passenger train, the Rocky Mountaineer, is teaming up with the world’s largest accessible dark sky preserve as presenting sponsor for the 2017 Dark Sky Festival!

“Rocky Mountaineer’s trains bring thousands of guests to Jasper each year to experience the iconic scenery,” says Monique Gomel, VP of Marketing & Communications for Rocky Mountaineer. “The Jasper Dark Sky Preserve offers an amazing opportunity to view the night sky in ways unlike any other, and we are proud to participate in the 2017 Dark Sky Festival to showcase this natural marvel.”

Hailed as one of the “World’s Greatest Trips” by National Geographic, Rocky Mountaineer continues to bring guests on a journey that proves that travel can be a great part of exploring new locations, rather than a means to an end.

From glass-top ceilings to moon roofs, the excitement keeps on rolling. Subaru Canada is also continuing its partnership with Tourism Jasper and prepares to enjoy its second year as official automotive sponsor for the Dark Sky Festival. Since the creation of the #SubaruDarkSky social and digital initiative last year, Subaru has worked to create a space where people can learn about dark sky preserves and share valuable information about taking advantage of dark sky opportunities.

“Subaru is proud to continue its partnership with the Jasper Dark Sky Festival,” says Joe Felstein, Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management with Subaru Canada. “A night sky filled with stars is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. And yet, there are a lot of people – kids and adults – who have never seen more than a few stars in the sky.”

Jasper Dark Sky Festival presented by Rocky Mountaineer invites adventurers to enjoy the night sky in all its glory. The festival runs from October 13-22, 2017. With special guest speakers like Brian Cox, Phil Plait and a panel of some of the brightest minds, it’s sure to be a festival to remember!

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