All Aboard! Jasper Dark Sky Festival Welcomes Rocky Mountaineer as Presenting Sponsor

Rocky Mountaineer & Subaru to sponsor 6th annual Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Jasper, Canada (August 04, 2016) -

The world’s largest privately owned luxury tourist train, the Rocky Mountaineer, is teaming up with Tourism Jasper to present the 2016 Dark Sky Festival as presenting sponsor and celebrate one of the world’s largest dark sky preserves to help visitors power down and look up.

“As Canada’s largest privately owned passenger rail company and our country’s only all-daylight train, Rocky Mountaineer is delighted to be participating in the 2016 Dark Sky Festival,” said Monique Gomel, VP, Marketing & Communications, Rocky Mountaineer. “Our train brings thousands of guests to Jasper every year to enjoy the iconic scenery of the region and gaze upon the night sky.”

The internationally awarded Rocky Mountaineer has received eight World Travel Awards for both “World’s Leading Travel Experience By Train” and “World’s Leading Luxury Train,” as well as other prestigious awards, making it the perfect combination of luxury and adventure when paired with the awe-inspiring sparkle of the stars in Jasper’s crisp and clear dark sky.

But the wheels don’t stop there! Subaru, the first ever official automotive sponsor, has joined the Dark Sky celebration.

“Subaru is proud to partner with the Dark Sky Festival.” said Joe Felstein, Subaru’s Director of Marketing.  “Subaru is known for its active lifestyle and get out there sense of adventure. Partnering with the Jasper Dark Sky Festival was an easy decision, after all our name is in the stars”.

With the launch of their #SubaruDarkSky ( social/digital initiative this year, Subaru created a space where people can learn about dark sky preserves, and the ideal ways to go about stargazing with tips, tricks and shared information through stargazing photos and experiences.

Jasper Dark Sky Festival presented by Rocky Mountaineer invites adventurers to enjoy the night sky in all its beauty. The festival runs from October 14-23, 2016. With special guest speakers like Bill Nye, Jeremy Hansen, George Takei and Phil Plait along with daily events and activities, it’s guaranteed to be an out of this world experience.

For tickets and more information, please visit www.Jasper.Travel