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Here are the speakers coming to the 2019 Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

Hold onto your telescopes because part of the speakers lineup for the 2019 Jasper Dark Sky Festival just dropped and our lil space nerd hearts are shaking.

In the realm of science podcasts, Radiolab is king. Not only has this show won multiple Peabody Awards, it also happens to be one of the most popular podcasts ever. It’s no wonder why we at Tourism Jasper are so excited to announce that its creator and host Jad Abumrad will be this year’s Dark Sky Festival keynote speaker.

When he’s not receiving the MacArthur Genius grant (nbd), Abumrad uses deep-dive journalism and narrative storytelling to explore big questions in science, philosophy and mankind.

Join him in Jasper on Oct. 25 for a new fascinating live presentation on the inherent struggles in science communication – what happens when you get it wrong, how to fix it, and how it’s useful to embrace error in the process. With other speakers like astronaut Robert Thirsk, founder of Delalune Space Rob Meyerson and famous science communicator and musician Jay Ingram, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival (October 18-27, 2019) promises to be just as entertaining, amazing and unmissable as previous years.

Jad Abumrad with radio 1 (credit Lizzy Johnston).jpg

Jad Abumrad

Tickets are now selling and—pro tip—you should probably grab yours ASAP because at this new family-friendly price, they’re going to sell out in no time!

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Shawna Pandya

Jay Ingram’s Beaker Band will be performing before the keynote talk and the audience-favourite event SPACEtalks on Oct. 26. This year’s SPACEtalks panel will explore the race to Mars, and discuss questions like: will we launch a crewed mission to Mars in 20 years? What will it take to get there? Join an illustrious panel for an in-depth discussion about the challenges and successes both private and public space organizations have experienced in their quest to land humans on the red planet.

Telus World of Science - Edmonton will be back with tons of educational and interactive exhibits, and don’t miss Science for Breakfast with Seth Shostak and Nick Pope on Oct. 26 or with Bob McDonald on Oct. 27. Astrophotographers Jeff Bartlett and Jack Fusco are returning to again offer last year’s sold-out photography workshop, as will Alan Nursall for his After Dark Trivia at the Jasper Legion.

Want to get even closer to the stars? Ultra fans should take particular note of the VIP event at the newly renovated Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen. This exclusive evening will feature stargazing through telescopes with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and delicious cocktails and hors d'oeuvres created by renowned chef Stuart Allen. Share s'mores and swap space and science stories with some of the most interesting minds in STEM.

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Jay Ingram and the Beaker Band