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7 gift ideas for mountain lovers

Sabrina Doyle
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Written by Sabrina Doyle

Gift a piece of the mountains this holiday season. These thoughtful options will give your loved ones something to look forward to in the new year, not to mention sidestep any supply chain issues.

Sure, you could get your loved ones socks for Christmas (and not gonna lie: we get pretty jazzed at the prospect of new merino woolies) but after a rough year+, don’t you think your nearest and dearest deserve something a bit more special? Give them a heartwarming experience they'll be remembering for years to come.

Here are some great gift ideas for the mountain lover on your list.


1 For the friend who loves a deal: Marmot Escape Card

For this friend, snagging an amazing discount is almost as fun as hitting the slopes themselves. Help them out with the Marmot Escape Card, which gives the recipient half-off lift tickets all season long. No blackout days, no lines, all happiness. And with Marmot's unique parking lot layout, you can ski straight back to your car to enjoy a packed lunch (the chalets have limited capacity regulations).


2 For the gear junkie: New mountain equipment

Experiences are fabulous gifts, don’t get us wrong, but there’s something undeniably fun about getting a gift card that you can use to get a new toy to play with. And what’s more fun (and healthy!) to play with than great gear that'll help with future adventures. Local retailers stock everything from rugged garb fit for backcountry adventures to fashionable Rocky Mountain attire to top-of-the-line ski gear, get ready to venture in style.

3 For the pal who wants to escape Earth for a bit: Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

For some, just being in the mountains provides zen aplenty (speaking of zen, Jasper Wellness is offering online yoga classes). But to truly feel like you've peaced to another planet, an Icewalk along the frozen bottom of Maligne Canyon would be an excellent, otherworldly escape. A guided tour will take you to the bottom of Jasper's deepest canyon, where you'll see crazy natural ice sculptures and frozen waterfalls 50 metres high.


4 For the beer buff: Jasper Brewing Co.

They go by different names—hophead, wort guru, tippler, zythophile—but almost everyone has someone in their life who enjoys their adult beverages. Maybe you are one! Either way, any beer enthusiast would be lucky to receive a gift card mix pack from the utterly quaffable Jasper Brewing Co.


Image Credit: Don Henson

5 For the animal aficionado: Dog-sledding from Cold Fire Creek

There’s something so magical about travelling via Canada’s oldest form of transportation. Give the gift of a furry friend by getting your loved one an excursion led by a pack of happy Alaskan huskies. With tour options spanning from an hour to overnight adventures, you’ve got some flexibility for your gift. Whatever one you choose, it’ll be a spectacular experience. Just try to name a better way to visit our mountainous backcountry; we’ll wait.


6 For your darling: Dinner in a cabin

Nothing says romance like cuddling fireside with a glass of wine and delicious comfort food. Jasper National Park has four winter cabin properties, and most of the restaurants offer take-out options. If you're staying at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, you can also inquire about a winter sleigh ride.


Mike Gere Photography | @mikegerephoto

7 For your creative cousin: Photography workshop with Mike Gere

Does life inspire art, or is it the other way around? Help the creative in your life get the most out of both with a photo tour in the mountains with Jasper Photo Tours. Options range in length and theme, and are focused on capturing the beauty of the Rockies, while advancing your photographic skills with composition coaching and insider knowledge from a true local. Learn more about Mike here.

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