Closed for the season on October 16, 2016 until April 15, 2017

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure and Glacier Skywalk

Everyone who steps out of the massive Brewster Ice Explorer onto the Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park has the same experience. They breathe in the cool mountain wind, squint their eyes in the brilliant sunshine reflecting off the snow, spin around to see the vast untouched landscape and say the same first word "Wow!" And now, it’s a double "Wow!" with the introduction of the Glacier Skywalk. Two spectacular experiences tucked deep in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains that are must-do experiences to include on any summer adventure to Jasper National Park. 

The drive to the Columbia Icefield is rated as one of the best in the world with colossal rugged peaks wrapped in prehistoric ice and endless valleys where nothing but wildlife roam. At the highest point in the journey is the Columbia Icefield where the Ice Explorers and their monster all-terrain wheels tread delicately onto the glacier for you to walk safely atop the six kilometre-long, one kilometre wide tongue of a 10,000 year old sheet of ice. 

Dip your water bottle into a stream to drink the freshest water in the world that was destined for three different oceans. Walk along the cliff-edge walk interpretive trail to learn more about the post-glacial landscape. Then step…out…onto…air! The clear glass-floored observation platform is 280 metres above the valley. Listen to the waterfalls, watch birds fly below you, feel the fresh air, relax and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

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