Lucydafirst at The BUZZ 19 Jan

Lucy First: Creator. Artist. Explorer. Storyteller.

It’s all about the process for Canadian electronic artist Lucy Locvan. DJ/ Producer, Creative Director, Gamer and Radio DJ – creation is Lucy’s journey not her product. A self-confessed dreamer, she’s a classically trained composer and pianist who began DJing aged 18, to pay her way through college. As a little girl she taught herself to produce electronic music from YouTube videos on the free Internet at her neighborhood public library before moving on to design games and DJ tours across Canada and North America. Lucy is definitely no stranger to making stuff happen! Classical music has flowed through her veins since she was a baby and still influences all she does – whether that’s downtempo chill as ‘Lucy First’, or upbeat breakbeats as ‘LUCYFIRST’, you can hear that melodic precision and emotional energy in everything she creates. Lucy’s vibrant, energetic style behind the decks is a long way from the challenges she faced growing up. But it from that adversity that she forged her artist identity, and just decided one day to create a life for herself that’s simply the best ever. Reimagining herself as ‘Lucydafirst’, she started over and decided to devote her life to helping others to do the same. She regularly collaborates with others on music and gaming projects and you can check out her content on YouTube where she continuously gives her best for the Cyberpunk Community. Currently signed with Wildfire Recordings, Diesel Recordings, Garnet Deep Records, Mecanoplastica Records, and Phreak Recordings.

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: Free

This event is 18+

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Jasper Art Gallery - 500 Robson St Jasper, AB Canada T0E 1E0

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