May 19, 2021

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The perfect two-day Jasper itinerary, according to Todd Noble

Sabrina Doyle
2 minute read
Written by Sabrina Doyle

For someone who works in high environments, Todd Noble is very down-to-earth. The longtime local has worked at the Jasper SkyTram for 25 years and knows Whistlers Mountain like the back of his hand. As general manager, he helps one of Jasper's top attractions run smoothly. As a resident and father, he takes every opportunity to marvel at the national park.

Here he shares some of his favourite and most recommended ways to spend time in Jasper.

To learn more about Todd's heartwarming reflections on a career spent helping people find awe, watch the second episode of Venture Beyond: The Series.

Day 1

Morning at Jasper SkyTram

Start the day going up the SkyTram to have coffee and view the playground called Jasper from above! This is a great way to orient yourself and identify the areas you’re going to visit from the vantage point of 7500ft.

Once there, go for a short walk to the tippy-top of Whistlers Mountain, learn about local flora and fauna on interpretive signage, peruse the gift shop or more!

Afternoon in downtown Jasper

Even though he can't walk one block without stopped to chat by someone who knows him, Todd loves strolling through Jasper's pretty and charming downtown. Visit the unique shops along Connaught Dr. and Patricia St., grab a lunch on an outdoor patio. Then make your way a few minutes up the road to paddle at Pyramid Lake.

Evening lakeside picnic

Set up on the shore of one of the lakes for a picnic style dinner while enjoying the endless light of summer. If you're still at Pyramid Lake, enjoy cooking over their fire pits.

Day 2

Morning at Maligne Lake

Visit the famous Maligne Lake and take in a cruise to Spirit Island. Schedule in some extra time for the drive to and from the lake, as there's often wildlife to be spotted along this road.

Afternoon at Maligne Canyon

On your way back to town, stop at Maligne Canyon to see tumbling waterfalls within a dramatic gorge. A half hour hike will let you see most of the canyon, which is the deepest in the Rockies. Or, if you'd prefer something a little more adrenaline-fueled, book a rafting trip down the Athabasca River.

Evening relaxation on a scenic patio

Finish off your trip with a soak in the Miette Hot Springs, then head to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge to celebrate the past couple of days with drinks and dinner overlooking the beautiful Lac Beauvert.