Destination Stewardship Plan


Tourism Jasper has developed a holistic Destination Stewardship Plan in collaboration with Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper that outlines a shared vision for Jasper’s visitor economy, informed by input from the community.

Shaping Jasper's Future Together: A 10-Year Destination Stewardship Plan

The Jasper Destination Stewardship Plan 2033 represents a forward thinking 10-year roadmap, designed maintain a sustainable balance that fosters economic vitality, enhances the quality of life for residents, and ensures an enriching experience for visitors, all while safeguarding the environmental and cultural fabric of Jasper. This plan is not just a document, it's a living process, evolving with local priorities and the involvement of everyone, from local businesses to community groups and individual residents. At its core, it's about taking care of the place, ensuring that Jasper remains a sustainable, enjoyable, and inspiring home and destination for residents and visitors alike. We recognize that tourism isn’t just about numbers; it’s about real impacts on the community, the environment, and the economy.

VISION: Jasper is a vibrant, resilient, regenerative, and authentic community and destination for generations to come.


  1. PLACE: Enhance the destination to improve the overall experience for visitors and residents year-round.
  2. PEOPLE: Strengthen community cohesion and social equity to create a better future for every resident.
  3. PLANET: Improve environmental sustainability of the tourism industry to protect Jasper National Park for future generations.
  4. PROSPERITY: Improve visitor engagement to increase revenue opportunities for local businesses year-round.
  5. POLICY: Align public and private sector efforts to better serve the long-term needs of the community.

Want to learn more about each of these goals, including associated initiatives?

Download the full plan here.


This comprehensive 10-year plan is the result of an extensive community engagement process that brought together local businesses, community groups, and residents. To turn the plan's ambitious vision into reality, it's crucial to maintain the collaborative spirit among these groups and foster the community's dedication to implementing and advocating for each of the plan’s initiatives.

In early 2024, we are set to deepen these collaborative efforts. Tourism Jasper will work together with community groups, government agencies, local businesses, industry partners, and residents to reassess the 54 initiatives detailed in the plan. This will involve defining leadership roles, prioritizing tasks, forming working groups, developing strategies, and setting clear timelines. Our goal is to transform this plan from a set of ideas into actionable steps.

Interested in Getting Involved, Staying Informed, or Learning More?

To receive updates about the Destination Stewardship Plan, including opportunities to participate in its realization, contact Brooklyn Rushton at [email protected]. Your involvement is essential in shaping the future of Jasper.