Valley of the Five Lakes

Trailhead: 9 km south on Highway 93. 

The five small lakes are the highlights of this outing, which is a popular family hike. Trail 9a begins with an easy walk through a forest of lodgepole pine, reaching a boardwalk across the Wabasso Creek wetlands in the first kilometre. Watch for beavers. Beyond, the trail climbs across a flowery meadow to a junction. Continue on Trail 9a to reach Fifth Lake, with its small island and nesting loons. Watch for 9a markers leading left toward Fourth Lake, Third and Second, each a different depth and thus a different hue of bluegreen. Between Second and First lakes turn left onto Trail 9b and follow it to close the loop. Or keep going north to Old Fort Point, 10 km farther via trails 9a, 9 and 1, mostly in the woods. Note: Trail 9 is heavily used by cyclists.

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