Rocky Mountaineer - Ride Pure Mountain Magic

Ride pure mountain magic on the Rocky Mountaineer, a train that crosses Canada's mountain landscape in style. Whether you're a railway buff, a photographer or just someone who wants to sit back, relax and see the spectacular scenery change around every curve, this rail line is as an engineering marvel. Go places you can't by car - through the legendary Spiral Tunnels, blasted through two mountains at the Kicking Horse Pass, and alongside the mighty Fraser River as it thunders through Hell's Gate. Luxuriate in the dining car, enjoying regional specialties and fine Okanagan wines. 

Roll over high bridges and past brilliant blue mountain lakes. Listen to the powerful rush of water falling from granite cliffs and through narrow canyons. Spy grizzlies foraging on open slopes or golden eagles catching the updrafts. The completion of this spectacular stretch of mountain track more than a century ago changed Canada forever - it's a trip that might change your life, too.

Available Activities