Jasper’s North Boundary Trail Backpacking

by Starry Summit Mountain Adventures

The North Boundary Trail is one of the most sought-after trails in any serious backpacker’s resume.  Stretching near 200 km from Celestine Lake near the Jasper Townsite to the soaring heights of Mount Robson, the trail travels through some of the most rugged and spectacular scenery in the Rockies.  In recent year the North Boundary Trail has seen limited maintenance which has added to its wild character.  This trail can only be hiked later on in the summer season when water levels are lower as there are many unbridged creek crossings.  Through proper pacing and with the help of porters to ferry food, we are able to hike the trail with manageable (but still quite heavy) backpacks.  This is an advanced trail for guests with previous backpacking experience; expect muddy sections, sometimes soggy boots, and some bushy overgrown areas.  The benefit of braving these challenges is being able to experience the splendor of the Northern part of Jasper National Park and make memories to last a lifetime.  This route follows the course of the Snake Indian River to its head at Snake Indian Pass before travelling up the Smoky River towards Mount Robson.  Note: Due to a trail closure on the Berg Lake Trail for Summer 2024 this route will exit the trail outside of Jasper National Park and conclude with a helicopter flight passing by Mount Robson

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