Indigenous Heli Tour

by Jasper-Hinton Air

Two incredible experiences brought together for a once in a lifetime memory.

Feel the stories, reach deep into the culture and secrets of this beautiful land.

Option 1 details:

Meet Lauren Moberly and your pilot at the Jasper Hinton Airport. Lift off in your private helicopter into the mountains where you'll hear the stories of Roche Miette, Snaring River, Moberly Homestead, Snake Indian River falls, Solomon peak and river. A total flight time of 1 hour will give you an experience of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, including check in, safety briefing and time to really listen and connect after your flight.

Option 2 details:

Your exclusive private journey begins at the Jasper Hinton Airport, where you'll be greeted by Lauren Moberly - a local Rocky Mountain Cree woman and member of the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of Canada who will serve as your guide for this Indigenous helicopter tour. Your pilot will whisk you and Lauren off into the mountains to witness the incredible landscape. While your eyes feast upon the alpine peaks, Lauren will tell stories of the landmarks along the way. Fly part of the path her family took when they were forced to leave their home and walk 200 kilometers to Grande Cache in 1909. Relive the joyous moments and learn the ways of her people. See her historic homestead from an awesome aerial perspective. Ask your questions and get authentic answers, while you connect with Lauren. A safe, historical landing has been chosen for you to get out, explore and enjoy a traditional snack of bannock! After sufficient time, you'll board your helicopter again as you make your way back to the airport. Along this route you'll appreciate the vastness of the Canadian landscape where the flat prairies meet the rockies. Landing back at the airport, we'll wish you well on the rest of your travels with a small gift from the heart ❤️ Please allow approximately 4 hours of time for this experience.