Brazeau Lake Loop Multi-Day Hike

by Canadian Skyline Adventures

To go hiking is one thing; to go backpacking is something else! Staying overnight in the backcountry will give you a sense of accomplishment like no other.

The Brazeau Lake Loop is the 80 km full adventure and is recommended for backpackers who have at least some backpacking experience. We will be out in the backcountry for five days, giving guests plenty of time to connect with nature and with themselves. This hike has all sorts of landscapes from sweet smelling pine forests to alpine passes to glacial lakes. It is possible to do this hike and not see any other people other than your group! Three of the four nights we are able to have campfires and all of the campsites we stay at have spectacular scenery. We will see views of glaciers, rivers, alpine meadows and the beautiful Brazeau Lake with the possibly of some wildlife too. Brazeau Lake is fed by glaciers and has the stunning turquoise color that glacial lakes are renowned for. The lake keeps very cool, so after a day’s hiking you can take a quick dip in four degree water! (Or maybe just soak your feet!)