2023 Banff Jasper Relay 3 Jun

The Banff Jasper Relay offers a 6-person relay (105km South 6), a 9-person relay (155km North 9) and a 15-person relay (260km) relay run in Canada's most spectacular national parks: Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Register now for the June 3, 2023, events.

The South 6 relay has six stages, starting South of Lake Louise and finishing in Saskatchewan River Crossing. The North 9 relay has nine stages from Saskatchewan River Crossing and finishing in Jasper. The full 15-person (260km) relay consists of the two phases run simultaneously.

We run all day Saturday and have a great post-race dinner and celebration after!

The South 6 teams head back to the town of Banff to celebrate with all teams at an event sponsored by the Banff Ave Brewing Company, and the North 9 and full relay celebrate in the town of Jasper at an event sponsored by the Jasper Brewing Company.