May 28, 2018

Sign Up For Jasper's Hotel Vacancy Alerts

Sabrina Doyle
1 minute read
Written by Sabrina Doyle
Main image by Sarah Hatton

Don’t miss these alerts for last-minute hotel rooms!

Summer fills up fast in Jasper. Sign up for Tourism Jasper’s new vacancy alert emails to ensure you don’t miss the chance for a spontaneous escape to the mountains.

Jasper is a truly wonderful place (what bias?) and that means there are many wonderful adventurers eager to get a taste of our mountain lifestyle. Local hotels book up early, but that doesn’t mean plans don’t change and someone else’s cancellation could mean another person’s spontaneous getaway.

Tourism Jasper’s new vacancy alerts aim to help as many people take advantage of last-minute openings as possible. Sign up with your email here, and every Wednesday we’ll send out a missive letting you know which lovely hotels have sudden vacancies. (Note: if you’d like to take advantage of one of the vacancies, please call the number in the email as the website may not show the availability).

From a rustic cabin along the Athabasca River to a quaint Victorian-style room in the middle of town to luxurious lodging with mountain views, there’s a last-minute accommodation option to fit your style.