Dec. 22, 2017

Jasper's December Photos of the Month

There are many perks to being in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Amazing photography is one of them.

We get to see a lot of shared images of Jasper, and we have to say: we are constantly astounded by the photographic talent we see from both locals and visitors alike. So starting now, on the brink of a new year, we're going to start highlighting a few of our favourites every month on our website. To have your photos considered, share them on instagram and include the hashtags #venturebeyond and #myjasper.

Here are our top picks from December. Now, who wants to put on some gloves and get snap-happy in the snow?

We couldn't have been happier for photographer Jack Fusco when he announced that the photo above had been chosen by NASA (as in the organization that left human's first footprints ON THE MOON, nbd) as their Astronomy Picture of the Day. A lot of late nights go into astrophotography, and we're honoured he's so eager to spend them in Jasper's Dark Sky Preserve.

Once you've been to Jasper, you can never really leave. Wait, that came out wrong, and kind of Hotel California-y. To be clear, you're allowed to leave just like Instagram user @wildfrolicker did, but there's a little piece of Jasper that will always be in your heart. There, that's better. 

Has our national pastime ever looked more spectacular? The dramatic backlighting, the stars, the Power Pose! 

Flattery will get you everywhere -- especially Ansel Adams-related flattery. Glad you enjoyed your visit, @livelikeitsthewknd and @hannahrheaume!

@oneballjayballone pops into Eagle East hunting for a pocket of pow.

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With sparkling slopes and a mountainous backdrop, it's hard to take a bad photo at Marmot Basin. Still, we love the unique angle and lighting of this action shot so much that we'll forgive you for not inviting us out. See you on the mountain soon!

Be still our tender, shinny-loving hearts. We've reached Peak Canada.

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