Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Drive 10 minutes north of Jasper for an ice-walk adventure you won't soon forget. Named for its haunting atmosphere, Maligne Canyon is the deepest canyon in the park. The hardiest souls climb its sheets of ice, but anyone can strap on anti-slip cleats to venture through the frozen canyon.

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If roaring waterfalls, emerald lakes, alpine meadows and snowcapped peaks are on the list of things to do, then a sightseeing tour with Sun Dog is a must! Our sightseeing tours take guests to the most exceptional locations for photos, wildlife viewing, and nature walks! Learn about the fascinatin...
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414 Connaught Drive
Jasper, Alberta
T0E 1E0

Maligne Adventures - Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Strap on ice cleats over warm winter boots, bundle up with mitts and gloves, and descend through time, exploring ancient Maligne Canyon from the ground up. You'll cross a river bridge made of ice, reach out to touch waterfalls hanging like glowing curtains of ice. Your adventure guide, a passiona...
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632 Connaught Dr
Jasper, Alberta