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Get ready for an otherworldly winter.

This is a place where rare ice formations reveal themselves when temperatures drop. Where stars shine brighter than you've ever seen. Where sounds echo across a hushed landscape of snow-blanketed mountains. Awaken your senses among panoramic peaks, impressive elevations, and powdery snow that invites you to venture beyond in a place like nowhere else on earth.

Expand your backyard

Venture again to the Rockies and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Stay safe while visiting Jasper

Please take precautions and follow these health guidelines during your trip

Jasper Park Lodge -Ben Waugh and Matt Littlewood

November 24, 2021 in ,

4 cozy winter cabins to rent in Jasper

Is there anything that gives the warm fuzzies quite like cuddling up next to a crackling fireplace in a log cabin while snow falls gently outside the window? There are nearly 500 cabins to rent in Jasper, ranging from cozy riverside cabins to luxurious log refuges that British royalty have stayed in, but most of them aren’t open through the winter. Pair heritage aesthetic with modern comforts in a beautiful home-away-from-home, and take part in our longstanding cabin culture by booking a stay in one of these year-round havens.

Local stories

Get a deeper understanding of the people, places and histories that make Jasper special.

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November 20, 2019 in ,

These 9 relaxing winter activities will make you look forward to snow

Winter is a time when things slow down, so it’s the perfect time to find relaxation. From spa visits to firelit cabins to gentle skiing through snowy forests, Jasper offers a special type of peaceful serenity that can be found nowhere other than in the mountains.

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November 16, 2017 in

5 Important Tips For Driving The Icefield Parkway In Winter

The Icefields Parkway, also known as Highway 93, is famous for its scenic mountain views. But visitors who only journey the route in summer miss out on the sparkling winter beauty that defines the true Canadian Rockies. That said, to witness epic glaciers, frozen waterfalls and ice-covered lakes, some important precautions must be taken.

Marmot Basin - Ski Hill - Jasper.jpg Marmot Basin - Ski Hill - Jasper.jpg

October 17, 2019 in ,

5 tips for how to save money on a winter trip to Jasper

If you love a good deal almost as much you love Jasper, then boy do we have a season for you. Not only is winter the time when our little mountain town feels its most authentic – not to mention its sparkliest – the chilliest time of year also happens to be the best time to snag a hot deal.