Find Wildlife in Jasper this Summer

Jasper is home to some of Alberta's most fascinating local wildlife. From enormous black bears to tiny pikas, from majestic elk to whistling marmots, there's never a shortage of unique animals to observe in their natural habitats.

Wildlife, Wild Skies Planetarium Deal

Sun Dog Tours

3-3.5 hours, 5:30pm

An evening of exploring the wilderness and the wild heavens above. Join our guides in seeking out elk, deer, big horned sheep and more during the Wildlife Discovery Tour then meet up with a real astronomer at the Jasper Planetarium and finish the night under the stars with a look through the largest telescope in the Rockies. 

Five Stars

"Evening Wildlife Tour of a Lifetime"

New South Wales, Australia

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From $102
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Three-Hour Horseback Ride

Jasper Riding Stables

18km, Departs 9am, 1pm, 2pm

Cowboy’s Way: This excursion offers the scenery of the first two rides as well as the rolling terrain that overlooks the Pyramid Bench. A spectacular trip with breathtaking views! This is our most popular ride! Approximately 18 km.  9 years old and up.

Five Stars

“Lovely horses, knowledgeable guide, stunning scenery!”

Andover, United Kingdom

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Wildlife & Whitewater Adventure Combo

Maligne Adventures

Immerse yourself in everything wild with this Wildlife & Whitewater Adventurer Combo deal combining Class 3+ Whitewater Rafting on the Mighty Fraser and an Evening Wildlife Search

Five Stars

“Best trip EVER!!”

New York City, New York

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Icefields Parkway Sidecar Tour

Jasper Motorcycle Tours

100km, Hours

Explore a series of ice-age old glaciers that form the Icefields Parkway, riding 100km to the Icefield Visitors Centre. Stops are made to enjoy some of the most amazing viewpoints and attractions while travelling there and on the return. Wildlife is sure to be seen! 

Five Stars

“Time of our lives”

Whitecourt, Canada

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Waves & Wildlife Tour

Sun Dog Tours

4 hours, Departs daily

Raft the Athabasca River on this 5 mile run with exceptional views of the Rocky Mountains and some lively rapids. Spend the rest of your day on our 3 hour interpretive Jasper Wildlife Tour and view some of the more exciting residents of the park; big horned sheep, moose, wolves, bears and much more…

Four stars

“Don't leave your †wildlife‡ spotting to chance”

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Safely View Wildlife

Wild animals are just that: wild. Our friends at Parks Canada have shared some of their tips on safely viewing wildlife in Jasper National Park.

As tame as many of these animals might seem, you should always exercise caution when viewing wildlife, no matter where you are. Maintain safe viewing distances (inside your car is best), and never provoke or try to entice them. 

Jasper Animals Scavenger Hunt

How many of these Jasper locals can you spot while on your trip?


10 pts - One of the largest land mammals in North America!
Commonly seen: Highway 16 East, Highway 93, and the Maligne Lake Road


10 pts - Tell White Tails and Mule Deer apart by their tails. Mule deer tails have a black tip.
Commonly seen: Vermilion Lakes Drive and the Bow Valley Parkway

Bighorn Sheep

15 pts - Their horns can weigh up to 30lbs!
Commonly seen: Bow Valley Parkway, on the Mount Norquay and Lake Minnewanka roads

Black Bear

20 pts - A threatened species, with only an estimated 70-90 left in the Park.
Commonly seen: Along the Bow Valley Parkway

Canada Goose

5 pts - One of Canada's most famous animals. Their arrival signals spring each year!

Commonly seen: On Jasper's beautiful lakes. 


1 pt - Cute, fast, and excellent climbers!
Commonly seen: Just about everywhere across the Park!


30 pts- Moose are a member of the deer family, but they are the only ones that don't form herds!

Commonly seen: Along the Icefields Parkway in the northern part of the park


20 ptsSometimes called a "whistling hare," these cute guys have a distinctive high-pitched scream.

Commonly seen: Mount Edith Cavell area


40 pts - Caribou are the size of a large deer, with white manes and curved antlers.

Commonly seen: In the spring or winter in various areas across the Park.