Let yourself go: Wild

Find Wildlife in Jasper

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Jasper is home to some of Alberta's most fascinating local wildlife. From enormous black bears to tiny pikas, from majestic elk to whistling marmots, there's never a shortage of unique animals to observe in their natural habitats.

Why should a Jasper visitor go on a wildlife tour?


“As tame as many of these animals might seem, you should always exercise caution when viewing wildlife, no matter where you are. Maintain safe viewing distances (inside your car is best), and never provoke or try to entice them. Taking a wildlife tour ensures that you view wildlife the safest way! ”

-Local Wildlife Expert

"Outstanding experience - a must do!"

Jasper Motorcycle Tours reviewed by a TripAdvisor traveler, 3 July 2017

“Fun and educational!”

Maligne Adventures reviewed by a TripAdvisor traveler,  26 July 2017

"Amazing tour with a great guide."

SunDog Tours reviewed by a TripAdvisor traveler,  15 August 2017

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